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Lothus's of Eden-borrourgh (From Bodo-ria in )


Trevor Lee


Former Coach Sprayers App, Bus Driver,  and Lab Van Driver, Mail Room Assistant at the NHS Lothain. Lives in Leith. Edinburgh. Midlothain. Scotland UK 's

Our great family doctor   Kuenssberg 



Artist & Writers Clubhouse (Paralimbic)

My Aim  is for to have a  Artist & Writers’ Clubhouse, a Artist & Writers Clubhouse, for Artists & Writers who have impairment through depression, but mostly for those  with the loss of limbs, using their mouth or foot, but feel equal to and not handicapped by this loss and believing they could make a living from their Art & Writing. 

Lot's of Edinburgh was first created  to display the Art Works  of Louis Weirter, especially from his book The Story of Edinburgh Castle", it was also started to created support for Edinburgh and Lothains Paralimbic Artists & Writers with the hope of exhibiting their work and developing it into a practical life style for them.  At the moment "The Wallery & Codexery" is displaying Louis Weirter's work and my own.  I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT IT'S  MY AIM.

A mounted Lucani warrior, fresco from a tomb of Paestum, Italy, c. 360 BC

"EDENBORROUGH" (“Bodoria”) . Edinburgh

Ancient  Bodotriam  "Edenborrough"  of the ÆSIR, Æsian's,   "Alloted lands of the Gods" and the origin of the “Garden of Edin"  (Stepps aka Plains) of Central  Æsia , its town or district which is where admin unit  called  "borrough's"

The wars of ÆSIR and the VANIR, from the Kingdom of VAN (MAN) aka Adam (Atum, or Odin) the children of the God's with their tribes of the 1st  Man (Van) from the " Holy Mt of Urarta (Ararat) and Noah (Ra and his boat don't move) hence the "Ark". One the tribe of Odin, called the Manapii (Gododdini) in Albany (now Scotland) were their royal seat and head town  (now a City) of  " Edenborrough"  was located,  

 Creut or Kraut, means wheat or cereal growers and eaters, along with veg and herbs. Creuth-Hungi or Hangi, are a tribe along with Thervingi, used wood to heat pebbles or stones to cook Veg and meat by stacking it to be steamed, a Sauna is a housing used to for such activity as well as bathing or steaming fish. all nations of EuroAsia and japan ect use this method of cooking  

As migratory, wheat growers of this from this tribe, called Creuthungi Picts, who were cereal growers, vegetable and  herb growers of Lugdonia (Lothians), cultivated and harvested the fields, plains of the gardens of Edin, on the southside of the river of Bodotriam (Edinborrough) called the Firth (Forth). 

This is the "Edenborrough" were Ptolomy placed Castrum Alatum (Latin), meaning  castrum aka fort of Alatum, that is the volcanic Rock of Atum (Adam or Odin) first Man/Van.  of the allotted land aka garden given by Nouh to his sons from the Eden (Stepps) and Tribal plains of "Æsia ". 

In Sumerian:- 𒀀𒇉𒂔 id'EDIN, "steppe" or "plain"; Akkadian: 𒉌𒋾𒈝  i3-ti-num2)


Hesperia (Hiberia), the edge of EuroAsia. Hispania, Ezpanna, the edgeland, netherlands “nederluwain” or borderland of  the “Sea Piuda” people aka Phila aka Pala-Histine (istine or istan) (Spala, Hispalis “Athena-Pala”Hispa “Sea People” ) The last western  place Ezpanna, of Vandalusia the Luwains, from Al-Vandalusia or Rock (Gibralta) of the lands of Van, and the  kindom Van aka man, from Iberia and Armenia (Khaldi aka Haykhelios the Language of  “Gaythelios - Gothelic - Godelic- Goidelic”) of Armenia and Albeinia (Rocky Caucasus Mountains, Scythia aka Scotia, Droi-Kjasos” Shining Ice with white snow) centered by the holy Mt Urartu (Arart). 

[Arcadia was called Pania or Pal-nia) or Po-nia Po-meriania aka Po-ntus “Sea People.  

Garden of Edenborrough

Trevor Lee

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